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With Minneapolis Replacement Windows from Marvin, the Farmhouse Style is Anything But Old-Fashioned

You've probably figured out by now that one of the top styles in home design and remodeling is the farmhouse style.  Now, that catch-all category can include a lot of different looks.  And it can be a whole-house exterior makeover or perhaps just one room.  The most popular area to ...

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Can I Replace the Wood Windows in My Minneapolis Historic Home with Vinyl Windows?

This is a question that has no easy answer.  The best we can tell you is...maybe.  If you're a regular reader of our blog or you follow us on social media like Facebook, you're probably aware that we're great fans of quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows such as the ones we ...

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We’ve Got the Perfect Replacement Windows for the Farmhouse Look in Minneapolis

One of the hottest home design and remodeling trends to emerge in the last few years is the farmhouse style.  Whether it's due to nostalgia for simpler days or bringing the look of the country to the city, the farmhouse look is popping up all across Minneapolis, as well as ...

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Minneapolis Homeowners: Schedule Your Window Replacement by July 1st and SAVE SAVE SAVE

One of the top reasons homeowners around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area decide to replace their windows is to save on heating and cooling bills. We believe that should be reason enough, because over time you'll recoup in savings what you spend to replace those old drafty windows.   ...

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Does Your Entryway Take Their Breath Away? With the Right Front Door It Can!

This month we're thinking a lot about entry doors.  With the change of seasons homeowners all around the greater Minneapolis area are opening doors and windows to let fresh air and sunshine in.  One of the most important exterior doors in your home?  The front door.  There are a lot ...

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What Questions Should I Ask When Buying Minneapolis Replacement Windows?

Of course you're going to have questions if you're shopping for replacement windows here in Minneapolis.  At least, we hope you do!  But knowing which are the important questions to ask will go a long way to you being happy with what you choose. Spoiler:  'How Much Will This Window ...

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