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Bow Windows - Natural Light and Panoramic Views

Homeowners decide to replace their windows for many reasons. It could be to cut energy costs, provide your house with a more secure environment, or to prevent water damage. Additionally, houses can be modernized simply by changing the look of a window. Whether you wish to update the look of a particular room, or the façade of the entire home, you will find installing new windows in your home to be an excellent choice.

Benefits of the Bow Window

Installing a bow window can add beauty and character to your home. A bow window is similar to bay window in that it projects from the side of the house and offers a multi-paneled look. True to its name, a bow window will form a curved arch, or semicircle, made of three, four, or five glass panels, or casement windows.

Bow windows are most commonly found in kitchens, living rooms, and master bedrooms. These larger windows make a statement on both the inside and outside of your home. While the exterior will be enhanced by a beautifully designed window, the room inside will also benefit. The room will be literally extended through the window without making additions to the walls, floors, or ceiling. Bow windows will transform a flat wall into a three-dimensional view of the outdoors, adding to the room of your choice a feeling of spaciousness.

Did you know that most bow windows can be customized with an option for seating or storage under the projecting casement? Imagine adding extra storage, counter space, or a window seat with a lovely view to make a room in your home unique.

Beauty of the Bow Window

The bow window was first popularized in the urban structures of eighteenth-century England. The look then quickly migrated to America during the Federal Period and was popularized again in the second half of the twentieth century.

A bow window will potentially provide any room in your home with more natural light and a panoramic view of the outdoors. Maybe you would like to display a view of your fabulous flowerbed, right from your living room, or a view of the canal on your waterfront property. Whatever the reason, installing a bow window may be the right choice for you.

Construction of a Bow Window

If you are a homeowner deciding to install new windows, you will soon realize that there many different window styles and materials.


Wooden windows have a look of charm and authenticity that may fit some building styles perfectly. Wood is also a great insulator. However, to keep these windows beautiful and secure, wooden windows require routine maintenance and upkeep, such as waterproofing and painting. Because wood is a natural material, they will continually expand and contract in response to the weather, making it a challenge to keep them airtight.


Vinyl windows are the most common. Not only are they waterproof, and durable, but also they are extensive in their ranges of size and price. Vinyl windows are prone to creaking and will sometimes mildew, but they do not require painting.


Fiberglass windows require relatively minimal maintenance. They usually cost the most upfront, but will save you money in the long run because of their efficiency. They are the most insulating and the strongest, and longest-lasting of all window materials.

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