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Bay Windows - Add Dimension to any Room

Wouldn’t you love to sit in a comfy window seat on a sunny spring day, curled up by the open window with your favorite book and a frosty smoothie? Have you found the perfect place to showcase the huge vase your aunt gave you for your birthday five years ago? Maybe you’d like to capitalize on that lovely view outside your kitchen window. All this can be done with a bay window.

Bay windows offer a welcome addition to any room in your house. Besides offering extra seating, they can also provide storage space, a unique display shelf for larger knick-knacks, a beautiful picture window, or simply add dimension to any room. Bay window types and treatments are so versatile that you’re sure to find one to perfectly fit your decorating style.

Adding Extra Storage, Seating or Display

Whether you’re looking for a place to store extra blankets, household goods or toys, a bay window can become a built-in trunk. Add cushions and pillow to the lid and you have some extra seating for a family party, or a secluded place to enjoy a book on a snowy day. If you don’t want a window seat, a bay windowsill makes a wonderful extra shelf to display some larger items.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Window

As with any remodel project, one of the first items on your to-do list is to choose material that will fit your house, your decorating style, and the amount of maintenance you plan to do. Bay windows can be built from wood, vinyl or fiberglass. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with each option:

  • Wood windows generally fit best in older homes, adding rich color, elegance and warmth. It can be stained to match existing furniture or floors, or painted in any color to match the décor of the room. Wood windows are not maintenance free, and this is their one disadvantage. However, with regular maintenance, they will grace your home for a long time.
  • Vinyl windows provide a less expensive and essentially maintenance free option. The only maintenance they require is occasional lubrication for the hinges to keep the window opening and closing smoothly. The biggest disadvantage vinyl windows present is their lack of color variety. They are generally available only in white, tan and bronze.
  • Fiberglass windows may offer the best of both worlds. They are very low-maintenance and can be painted, offering a variety of color options.

Finding the Perfect Bay Window Treatment

When exploring decorating options for bay windows, you’ll want to focus on styles that enhance their length and draw attention to the extra space. If your bay window looks out over scenic outdoors, let nature itself provide a beautiful backdrop, but if you aren’t in a secluded area it will most likely be necessary to have some kind of window covering.

Curtains can be hung with a bay window rod, or on three rods placed over each individual window. For a dramatic effect, place one curtain rod over the front and showcase art, special furniture or a cozy nook with draperies pulled to each both sides. To avoid prying eyes while still enjoying the beauty of natural sunlight, hang sheers over each window. There are so many more ideas available for bay windows. Keep looking until you find the perfect one for your style!

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