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Casement Windows - Maximum airflow and Unobstructed Views Minneapolis MN

A window can define the character of your home. But how do you decide how you want your home’s character to be defined? Start by learning about some of the basic window types—double hung and single hung casement windows.

Double hung windows have an upper sash and a lower sash that slide past each other vertically. The difference between a double hung window and a single hung window is that with a single hung window, only the lower sash moves, and the top sash is fixed. Contrary to what many people assume, single hung windows are not fixed panes of glass in a frame. They have one sash that moves.

Single hung windows are not as easy to clean as double hung windows because single hung windows require the window washer to have access to the outside since the sashes do not tilt out like the sashes of double hung windows do. This is one reason double hung windows have replaced single hung windows.

Double hung windows are especially convenient if you have kids or pets—or both. Opening only the top sash is a simple safety precaution.

To be fair to the older single hung window though, customers should note that single hung windows are slightly less expensive than double hung windows.

Slimmer single hung and double hung windows can create a more modern look in your home. When placed in a series, these windows look more majestic. You can add a great deal of character to your single hung or double hung windows by choosing grids with a design that suits the mood of your home.

Casement windows have swinging sashes which provide maximum airflow and an unobstructed view. This window style is quite popular in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

A convenient place to install a casement window is above your kitchen sink. It’s much easier to reach across the sink and crank a window open with a lever than to reach across the sink and attempt to lift a window sash.

The benefit of having single hung or double hung windows rather than casement windows is that sliding windows (double hung or single hung) save interior and exterior space that the swinging sashes of casement windows use.

You can get your favorite style of double hung, single hung, and casement windows in wood, vinyl or fiberglass. The nice thing about vinyl windows is that they can save on energy because vinyl does not absorb heat or coolness. So if it’s warm inside and cold outside, you don’t have to worry about your vinyl widows transferring the heat to the outdoors. The only potential problem with vinyl is that it is not offered in a variety of colors. Because of vinyl’s tendency to fade, most manufacturers don’t mess with multiple colors.

Wood windows require a great deal of maintenance to keep them looking good. That’s why many wood windows are only wood on the interior and vinyl on the exterior. This gives homeowners the traditional look they want in wood while still having a durable material open to the elements. Extreme temperatures and condensation do not affect wood as much as they do other materials.
Fiberglass, a newer technology in windows, has proven to be strong and durable. It can also be painted.

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