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Why Fiberglass Replacement Windows Are Perfect for Minneapolis Homes

In our last blog post we talked about why we don't recommend you skimp on cost when you're having replacement windows installed.  And we mentioned a variety of window frame materials and their relative cost. Fiberglass windows fall in the middle between wood and vinyl as far as price goes.  ...

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Why Buying Inexpensive Replacement Windows for Your Minneapolis Home Is Not a Good Idea

We understand that when it comes time to make an improvement on your home or replacing something like your old windows, it's just natural to want to get a good deal and save money where you can.  But as you're evaluating replacement windows, we'd like you to know that 'cheap' ...

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The Benefits Twin Cities Homes Get with Siding Replacement

Think your home here in the Minneapolis area needs new siding but you're trying to put it off?  People replace their siding for a multitude of reasons, but if your siding is failing, it isn't something that should be postponed.  In fact, you may want to read our previous article ...

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Create a Bedroom Retreat in Your Minneapolis Home with the Right Windows

Have you ever thought about the importance of window style as you're decorating your home? We find as we talk to prospective replacement window customers here in the Minneapolis area that they have thoughts on the particular style of windows they want in their homes, but thinking of windows in ...

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How Minneapolis Homeowners Can Eliminate Drafts from Their Windows

If you've got an older home and haven't replaced your windows in awhile, you probably dread this time of year.  You know winter is coming, and with it the inevitable drafts that make your rooms uncomfortable. And so you either learn to put extra blankets n the bed and wear ...

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It’s Not Too Late for St. Paul Homeowners to Get Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Installed!

As you're adding another blanket to the bed at night and watching the frost warnings, are you wishing you had arranged to have your windows replaced before it got colder? Well, it's not too late. There is still plenty of great weather here in the St. Paul area to allow ...

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