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What Are Your Siding Options for Minnesota’s Climate?

Okay, maybe this is a little extreme, but Twin Cities winters sometimes look like this, right?  For those of us who live in areas that get extremely cold weather - like here in Minneapolis - it's important to think about our climate when selecting siding materials.  How well is the ...

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More Minnesota Home Siding Trends

In a previous post we shared about the popularity of an on-trend siding material - stone. (Click here to read that article.) The stone look is very popular, and with the product we install from Boral, it's available to get it in a cultured stone product at a fraction of ...

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Trend Meets Function with These Home Siding Options: Stone

Trends in home design and home remodeling always come and go, but we find that often homeowners here in the Twin Cities like to know what's trending. It may help them make up their minds about projects they're considering for their homes, especially for the exterior.  Exterior remodeling serves a ...

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Should I Replace or Repair a Fogged Window?

This time of year we get calls to our office because people are experiencing issues with their windows.  Of course, with the cold we've been having here in the Twin Cities it's not surprising.  People are spending more time indoors, the furnaces are running on high, and chances are you've ...

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Some Reasons Why Minneapolis Homeowners Might Replace Your Siding in the Winter

This time of year as another cold Minnesota winter has hit the Twin Cities, you're probably enjoying being indoors, warm and comfortable. Chances are that exterior remodeling projects aren't on your mind.  But did you know that there are some great reasons to get that siding replacement done now rather ...

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The Many Styles of Beautiful Vinyl Siding for Twin Cities Homes

We find at this time of year when it's cold outside that homeowners around the Twin Cities are curling up indoors, making lists of things they want to fix up the outsides of their homes.  One project that's often on those lists is new siding.  And that's understandable, because Minnesota ...

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