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Archive for November, 2020

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Why You Shouldn’t Let Condensation Accumulate on Your Minneapolis Windows

We get lots of calls this time of year about condensation forming on windows in people's homes.  Here in the Twin Cities it's a common occurrence as the cold temperatures set in and we're spending more time indoors.  Many of the at-home activities we engage in produce moisture in the ...

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Do the Windows In Your Minneapolis Home Bring Nature Into Your Life?

There is a term that is becoming very popular in home design and decor - biophilia. 'Bio' means life, and 'philia' relates to love.   It's literally 'love of life.' The basic concept behind design rooted in biophilia is the connection between our daily lives and the living things around ...

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Twin Cities Homeowner Asks, Do I Have to Replace All My Windows at Once?

It's a common misconception among homeowners here in the Twin Cities area that if you're going to get replacement windows installed that you should have all your windows replaced at the same time.  And while that might be ideal and more convenient, we recognize that sometimes budget doesn't allow for ...

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Maintenance Tips for Twin Cities Windows: Peeling Finish on Window Sills

As one of the leading replacement window companies serving the Twin Cities area, we encounter all kinds of issues when we meet with prospective customers in their homes.  People have many reasons for wanting to replace their windows. The most common one is they want to increase the energy efficiency ...

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More Things Homeowners Should Know About Mpls Replacement Windows

We recently shared an article about the top things we believe Minneapolis homeowners need to know when they're shopping for replacement windows.  (If you haven't read that post, we suggest you click here and review the information first.) Now that you're aware of the basics of choosing the right windows ...

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Top Things Mpls Homeowners Should Know About Replacement Window Choices

One of the most popular home remodeling projects in the Twin Cities area for improving energy efficiency is replacing old, drafty windows.  If you've looked into it even just a little, you know that the options you have are almost limitless.  So when it comes to choosing which windows are ...

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