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Archive for March, 2022

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Spring House Maintenance Checklist for Minneapolis Homeowners

Finally, the warmer weather is rolling in here in the Minneapolis area! That means that you can have more sunshine and fresh air.  But spring also means home maintenance.   Whether inside or outside, everyone needs to do a bit of maintenance and spring cleaning. (By the way, the fall ...

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Put Your Tax Refund to Work: Invest In Your Home with Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Have you filed your 2021 income tax return yet?  And do you have plans for the refund you're anticipating?  You could just spend it - we're sure you've got a long list of items calling for that cash.  But instead of spending it, why not invest it?  In today's economy ...

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Why Fiberglass Windows Are an Excellent Choice for Minneapolis Homes

People thinking about replacing their windows in the Minneapolis home or business most likely think they have two main options:  real wood or vinyl.  After all, those are the types of window frames you hear about most often.  But we'd like you to consider a third window material that doesn't ...

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Looking for Wood Replacement Windows in Minneapolis? Ask Us About Weather Shield Windows

If you've been looking at replacement windows recently, you know there are a number of materials available in terms of frames.  There are economical vinyl windows, and there are weather-resistant windows like fiberglass.  (Aluminum windows are still on the market, but we don't recommend them because aluminum is soft and ...

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What Are the Best Windows for Modern or Industrial Style Homes?

When you're choosing new replacement windows, there are a lot of things that go into determining which windows are the right ones for you.  One factor that people often overlook is the architectural style of their homes.  You may be drawn to certain window styles or types, but for a ...

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Why Quality Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Great for Minneapolis Homeowners

As THE replacement window company serving the Minneapolis area, we pay attention to what our competitors are saying.  There are some window installers who specialize in a particular type of window frame, like wood, and they emphasize the disadvantages of more economical windows such as vinyl.  We've even heard some ...

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