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Archive for December, 2014

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How Window Outfitters Can Help You Beat the Minnesota Winter Blues

Window Outfitters knows that the winter throughout the Minneapolis area can be tough. It can be bone-chilling, and it can also do a number on the home that you own. But you don't have to put up with winter discomfort.  You can stay comfortable and warm inside your home this ...

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How Can You Fund Your MN Exterior Home Improvement Project?

Is a lack of financing keeping you from making needed home improvements?  There are many ways that you can fund your home improvement project, and which option you choose depends on how you feel and what resources you have available at the time. You've got a lot of options to ...

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How to Enjoy the MN Outdoors Throughout the Entire Year, Even When it is Snowing!

Has Minnesota's cold kept you from enjoying the beautiful outdoors this winter?  Then have we got good news for you! Mon-Ray is a manufacturer of Glasswalls porch enclosures, and this is the answer to turning a spot in your home into your gateway to the great outdoors all season long. ...

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Plan for a Beautiful MN Exterior Home Renovation with Help From Window Outfitters

Perhaps now that winter's here and you've got a little time to relax, you may be thinking about some home remodeling next spring.  May we suggest you start with the outside?  Real estate professionals will tell you that whenever you're faced with a choice between interior and exterior upgrades, always ...

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North, South, East, West: How to Choose the Right MN Replacement Windows Depending on Direction

If you're shopping for replacement windows for your Minneapolis home, it's important consider the many specifics that go along with choosing the best windows to install in your home. This is essential, since the windows should match well with the look of the home overall. While you want your windows ...

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Window Options for Varying Home Styles – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post we reviewed the basic window styles, and we touched on the main traditional home styles and the best windows to go with them.  In this post we'll pick up where we left off, handling more modern home issues. Windows for Contemporary Homes Contemporary design ...

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