“Visit our expanded showroom & see firsthand all of the windows and doors we have available. Our low pressure sales team will help you make the best possible choice for your home.”

Beautify Your Home's Exterior with New Windows

Whether you want to update your home’s look or preserve its character, let our window experts show you just how many options you have. At our showroom we have a wide range of styles so that you can let the sunshine in and express your personal style.

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Recognize Excellence- Just a Few Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

To be recognized in your industry for superiority is rewarding, and Window Outfitters is proud to be the recipient of the Guild Quality Guildmaster Award for Customer Satisfaction in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020!

  • GuildMaster Award

The Guildmaster awards were designed to herald excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and real estate professions.

Annually, special recognition is bestowed upon those companies which consistently perform at an exceptional level of customer service. Our list of satisfied customers attests to our ability to consistently deliver premiere customer service. Here are some unedited reviews we’ve received from a few of our many satisfied clients who have been only too happy to share about their project with Window Outfitters:

Below are un-edited reviews we have received from just a handful of our many clients praising us for our loyalty and good customer service.

Recognize Excellence

Review By Zach J

Minneapolis, MN

“Quite effective – Quality, professional staff – Joe did a great job – I am happy to refer Window Outfitters and Bob Davis.”

Review By Neal H & Leandra P

Minneapolis, MN

“We selected half screens and there was a bit of an issue in the screens not being flush with the window and bugs getting in. Bob was super-responsive to this issue and Pella has been out and addressed it. For the most part (there are 2 windows where small bugs are coming in), we have been very pleased, but do think that the half screen design is perhaps flawed. However, we couldn’t be happier with Bob’s handling of the entire situation.”

Review By Kevin & Deb R

Minneapolis, MN

“Very, they worked to get their product approved by the Metropolitan Airports Commission, no easy proposition.”

“They have had significant experience in my neighborhood and advertise in neighborhood newspaper, seeing them at the local home improvement fair helped.”

Review By Skorich, S & Veronika

St. Louis Park, MN

“Both Joe and Brian were fantastic- and Joe’s crew was very committed to the project as well as respectful of our neighbors. Honesty and knowledge of Brian concerning various product options were very appreciated.”

Recognize Excellence

Review By Gregory P, & Marlyn B

Minneapolis, MN

“Bob Davis recommended MonRay two-track storm windows, even though I initially wanted a three-track model. He used facts rather than emotion or bombast.”

“In the contract itself. I felt the initial contract did not afford us enough protection. So I asked for tighter language on lien waivers and insurance on the workers. Davis rewrote the contract to address those concerns.”

Review By Rich P

Minnetonka, MN

“Bob Davis the owner and his foreman Joe (who was a wonderful advocate for Window Outfitters just by the great job he did and how hard he worked). I was just very happy with the whole process. The whole process was very well conducted.”

Review By Mary M

Minneapolis, MN

“All of it was good. They answered every single question I had. The whole process was professional, informative, and the price was right. They got done before I thought they would. Dave and the lead installer, really everybody was great.”

Review By Dave & Jamie W

Burnsville, MN

“Bob did a great job in his showroom explaining the differences in the products we were considering. He was not high pressure, kept his presentation to the facts and was willing to listen to our questions and concerns.

“From prior experience, I know Window Outfitters believes in getting the job done right the first time and does quality installs. They are very strong in follow up if issues arise.”

Review By Doug N

Minneapolis, MN

“They did a great job in not disturbing the plaster on the inside of the house. They stuck to their schedule. The quality of the finish carpentry is great.”

“Joe was excellent; his professionalism made me feel comfortable that the job would be done right.”