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What Questions Should I Ask When Buying Minneapolis Replacement Windows?

Of course you're going to have questions if you're shopping for replacement windows here in Minneapolis.  At least, we hope you do!  But knowing which are the important questions to ask will go a long way to you being happy with what you choose. Spoiler:  'How Much Will This Window ...

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For Award-Winning Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors, Minneapolis Homeowners Love ProVia!

As a Minneapolis-area company specializing in energy-efficient replacement windows and exterior doors, we pride ourselves on customer service.  And we've chosen to partner with door and window manufacturers who have the same mission.  One of those companies is ProVia, a door and window industry leader in both innovation and quality. ...

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Picture Windows Offer Minneapolis Homeowners More Design Options

Today we'd like to discuss an often-overlooked window style: the picture window.  There was an era when most living rooms had a picture window, but they became less popular.  We think it's time to revisit this window style, because they have some great advantages you might not have considered.  Advantages ...

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Have an Older or Historic Home in the Minneapolis Area? Preserve Your Gorgeous Wood Windows with Mon-Ray Storm Windows

Since we're a licensed Minnesota replacement window company, it may surprise you that we strongly discourage homeowners with historic or older homes from replacing their original wood windows.  One of the main issues people find when they buy these old gems is that the windows are drafty, and since they ...

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Put Your Tax Refund to Work: Invest In Your Home with Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Have you filed your 2021 income tax return yet?  And do you have plans for the refund you're anticipating?  You could just spend it - we're sure you've got a long list of items calling for that cash.  But instead of spending it, why not invest it?  In today's economy ...

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Why Fiberglass Windows Are an Excellent Choice for Minneapolis Homes

People thinking about replacing their windows in the Minneapolis home or business most likely think they have two main options:  real wood or vinyl.  After all, those are the types of window frames you hear about most often.  But we'd like you to consider a third window material that doesn't ...

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