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Is Your Minneapolis Home Looking Dated? Consider Starting with Replacement Windows & Doors

As we drive through some of the neighborhoods in the Minneapolis area, we're struck by the number of beautiful, stately older homes.  There are sections of the city - as well as others in the Twin Cities metro - that consist mainly of historic or other older homes, and most ...

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Minneapolis Replacement Window Options – Vinyl or Fiberglass?

If you've been shopping for new replacement windows for your home here in the Minneapolis metro, you've probably noticed you have lots to choose from - window styles, brands, colors, and more.  But one of your first choices should be the type of frame material, because that will help you ...

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Is Your Minneapolis Home Ready for Mosquito Season? Check Your Doors and Windows!

If you live in Minnesota, you're probably well aware of the nastiest part of warm weather - the mosquito.  This small insect has the capability of ruining more outdoor adventures than anything else short, of a hail storm.  But these biting critters can also make things uncomfortable in your home ...

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Should You Repair or Replace the Windows in Your Twin Cities Home?

As the weather is warming up, homeowners all around the Twin Cities are getting outside and giving their homes a look over to see whether winter did some damage.  And some may be looking at the dent that high heating bills made in their wallets.  Regardless of where you're at, ...

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Yes, It’s Cold and Windy in Minneapolis, Which Makes It the Perfect Time to Consider Replacement Windows

If you're a homeowner here in the Twin Cities, thinking about getting your windows replaced is probably not at the top of your list right now.  You may be dealing with a car that won't start, piles of frozen snow blocking things around your house, or icy sidewalks.  Maybe you've ...

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The Costs of Minneapolis Replacement Windows in 2020

We find that our prospective replacement window customers have a lot of questions, but often the most basic one is, "How much is this going to cost me?"  Google search terms like "What do replacement windows cost?" are common, but it's hard to give a definite answer because a number ...

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