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How Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Can Save Minneapolis Homeowners Money

You've probably seen lots of headlines and ads promoting replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones.  Of course, one of the top benefits (other than a great looking home) is that the money you spend on having those new windows installed will result in saving you money over time.  ...

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Having Minneapolis Replacement Windows Installed? The Installer Matters as Much as the Windows

If you're in the market for new energy-efficient windows to make your Minneapolis home more comfortable as well as cutting your heating and cooling costs, there is a decision to make that's just as important as what windows you choose.  And that's the replacement window contractor you hire to put ...

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Reduce Maintenance in Your Minneapolis Home: Choose ProVia Doors & Windows With Built-In Blinds or Shades

Imagine if you could eliminate just one home maintenance task by choosing the right windows and exterior doors.  You can, if you have doors and windows with built-in blinds installed!  Let's face it, most of us likely don't clean our blinds nearly as often as we should.  It's a tedious, ...

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Visit Our Savage Area Replacement Window and Door Showroom for Energy-Efficient Products

As the first day of fall approaches, here in the Minneapolis area most people we talk to are concerned about their homes being able to handle the upcoming winter without needing to take out a loan for utilities and pile on the sweaters because of drafty rooms.  If that's you, ...

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Why September Is Ideal for Storm Window Installation in Minneapolis

Regardless of whether yours is an older home with old single-pane glass windows, an historic home with those gorgeous old windows, or even a newer home with energy-efficient replacement windows, we'd like you to consider having storm windows installed. Minneapolis weather can be harsh, and storm windows can provide one ...

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Enjoy Your Holidays and Free Time More with Maintenance-Free Minneapolis Replacement Windows

We hope everyone in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area had a great Labor Day weekend. And since long weekends like this are for relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends, we certainly hope you weren't using any of your holiday working on mundane things like window maintenance.   ...

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