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Minneapolis Homeowners Tackling Kitchen Remodeling: Don’t Forget About New Windows

Home remodeling has experienced a surge in the past year, with kitchen remodeling topping the list of the most popular projects.  If you're a Minneapolis area homeowner planning on redoing your kitchen, are replacement windows on your wish list?  If not, they should be.  While focusing on things like cabinets ...

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What Adding a Garden Window to Your Home Can Do For You

We recently shared a post about a hot trend in home design right now:  the resort look.   There are multiple ways to bring the feel of the tropics into your home.  Some involve those luscious and vibrant colors, but one way is to find more spots in your home ...

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What Replacement Window Styles Look Best for Contemporary Homes?

Real estate professionals will tell you that you should spend your home improvement dollars on the exterior of your home first, before moving inside.  Why?  Because prospective buyers often drive by a property and make a decision on whether to check it out or not based on that indefinable concept, ...

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How to Choose the Best Replacement Window Style for Your Twin Cities Home

When someone was the word 'window,' you're likely to picture the most common style - the double hung window.  This style window has traditionally been the most popular, but other styles such as the casement window are gaining in popularity.  (Casement windows, that swing on hinges and open much like ...

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Add a Custom Touch to Your Mpls Home By Combining Rectangular Windows with Specialty Shape Windows

If it's time to replace the windows in your Minneapolis home, we encourage you to think outside the box.  Box-style windows, that is.  Yes, the traditional rectangular shape window is still the leading seller, and most likely most of your windows will be this style.  But think of that box ...

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Create a Bedroom Retreat in Your Minneapolis Home with the Right Windows

Have you ever thought about the importance of window style as you're decorating your home? We find as we talk to prospective replacement window customers here in the Minneapolis area that they have thoughts on the particular style of windows they want in their homes, but thinking of windows in ...

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