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Minneapolis Homeowner Asks: What Is the Best Window Style for My Home?

As THE replacement window company for the Minneapolis area, our goal is to help each client find the perfect window solution for their home.  If you've considered replacing your windows, you're aware of the many decisions you have to make. These include such things as: What frame material do I ...

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What Are the Current Trends in Minneapolis Replacement Windows?

Time to replace your windows?  You've got lots of options, and plenty to choose from.  But above all else, when you're 'window shopping,' always look for the energy efficiency rating.  (It will be on a white or yellow sticker; your best choices will be those labeled 'NFRC', or the National ...

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Add More Appeal to Your Minneapolis Home: Think Outside the Box with Windows from Weather Shield

You've probably heard the term, 'think outside the box.'  It's often good advice, because human beings tend to stick to the familiar, the routine.  At our Minneapolis replacement window company we experience this often.  In particular, we're talking about the shape, windows literally shaped like boxes - rectangular or square.  ...

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Bathroom Window Ideas When You Need Privacy

There are two main things we look to windows to provide:  light and air.  Of course, showing off a good view goes along with light.  The right window solution for any room is one that maximizes those elements.  But when you're dealing with a bathroom, there is another thing keep ...

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How the Right Windows Can Make an Open Kitchen Even Better

Not long ago experts in home design announced the death of the open floor plan.  Apparently after a few years of many of us being confined mostly to our homes for work, school, entertainment, and shopping, personal privacy and a place to get away from it all are returning to ...

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Looking for Unique Windows for Your Minneapolis Home? Check Out 90º Corner Windows!

One thing people love about the window manufacturers we work with for energy-efficient replacement windows is the availability of creating a unique look for their homes.  Rather than go into a big-box store and pick standard styles off the racks, they can order windows that are custom-made or have options ...

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