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Archive for January, 2022

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Minneapolis Replacement Window & Exterior Door Prices Going Up Feb 1st – Save By Scheduling Now!

Just like about everything else, the cost of replacement windows and exterior doors is increasing February 1st, according to information from our suppliers.  While we can't stop that from happening, we CAN help you save.  If you schedule your door and/or window installation before then,  we will guarantee current prices. ...

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Kitchen Window Trends – Facilitating More At-Home Life During a Pandemic

The current pandemic and resulting quarantine needs as well as more work-from-home and distance learning for students has affected more than just people's health, livelihood, and social lives.  There are home remodeling trends that are arising due to the desire to create more comfortable, livable homes for those who are ...

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Current Trends in Windows and Doors for Quarantine Life

Life sure has changed in the past two years.  We're spending much more time at home, both working and relaxing.  And that means your home design and how it functions with your changing needs is very important.  Major elements in this are windows and doors.  And as we talk with ...

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