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Why Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Great for Minneapolis Homeowners Looking for Good Value

One of the things that we believe makes our Minnesota replacement window company stand out is that we offer our prospective customers a variety of choices.  Most other window contractors will promote one or perhaps two brands, but we are committed to the best window solution for homeowner.  And part ...

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Why Minneapolis Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Eco-Friendly

In one of our recent blog posts we discussed why we believe that the vinyl replacement windows we offer our customers can be considered a great investment in a home rather than an expense.  In this article we'd like to focus on just one aspect:  that vinyl windows are in ...

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Why Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows Are a Good Investment for Minneapolis Homes

Despite what you may have heard, if you're thinking about replacing your current windows with more energy-efficient ones, quality vinyl windows just might be the right choice for you. We've heard many of the negative comments, such as vinyl windows are just plastic, or that they won't hold up well ...

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The Minnesota Replacement Window Experts Let You Know If You Can Paint Vinyl Windows

Perhaps you've got vinyl windows that you think are in good condition but you just don't care for the color anymore. Or maybe you're looking to make an easy change to the appearance of the exterior your house and a new color for the window frames seems like a good ...

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Cleaning Vinyl Windows in the Spring Time

With the warm weather we've been having here in the Twin Cities, most homeowners have been tackling a common task - window cleaning.  Window frames can be made of a number of different materials, and how you clean each type varies slightly.  In this post we'll focus on how to ...

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Your Guide to Buying Vinyl Windows in Minneapolis

So you've started your search for replacement windows for your home here in the Minneapolis metro.  Good for you!  Your decision to ditch those old energy-wasting windows for modern ones that can improve the look of your home while cutting your utility bills is a wise one. Now the next ...

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