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Providing a More Secure Minnesota Rental Property with Quality Entry Doors, Replacement Windows, and More

Owners of rental properties know that security is a major concern, both for the property itself as well as the tenants.  When it comes to securing a rental property, you need to offer many different things to make the property more appealing to those who might rent from you. Upgrading ...

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Choosing a Very Secure Front Entry Door for Your Minneapolis Area Home

Lots of folks around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are concerned about home security, and with good reason. With all the reports of home break-ins, you want to do everything you can to make sure your home is protected from intruders.  Studies show that most burglars gain entrance through ...

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Window Safety Tips Can Protect Your Family Year Round

With the warm weather here up on us, you are probably opening and using your windows more than ever before. This is a good time of year to enjoy the fresh air, but it is also important to note any window safety issues  when it comes to protecting your family ...

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Tips for MN Home Safety

As exterior home improvement contractors, we find we spend more time inside during the winter in Minneapolis.  You probably do, too.  We have some tips to share with you on staying safe while you're seeking refuge from the cold and snow indoors.  When it comes to making the home safer, ...

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Keep Your Home Safer by Using These Tips

Is your home as safe as it could be?  You want to protect your family from any burglars that might find themselves in your neighborhood and looking for an easy target. Some people choose to install a home security system, but one of the best ways to remedy this situation ...

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Are Your Windows As Safe As Possible?

One of the main concerns of homeowners in the Minneapolis metro is that of safety. We lock our doors and teach our kids how to be safe, but are the windows in your home up to par? If they don’t meet these three requirements, it’s time to replace the old ...

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