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Archive for January, 2016

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Do You Need New Windows? Look for These 7 Signs

As homeowners around you and friends you know are replacing their windows, have you thought about yours?  Maybe you think yours are fine. But maybe they aren't and you just don't know it.  These seven things indicate you need new windows. These Signs Indicate Your Windows Are Crying Out to ...

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The Tricky Thing About Broken Window Seals

It’s always a good idea to get a home inspection done before you purchase or sell your home. A good inspector will be able to spot most problems before any paperwork is officially filled out, and potentially save all parties a lot of money. However, there are some problems home ...

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Get That New Energy Efficient Door Today!

Is your hard-earned cash sneaking out the door?  Perhaps you've known for some time that your exterior doors aren't the best at keeping Old Man Winter out, but you just haven't gotten around to replacing them. We get it.  All of us have a list with things to do, most ...

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Looking for New Siding? Look No Further!

Are you in the market for new siding?  Who you choose to install it is just as important as the siding product you choose.  We believe that the installation process of your siding is just as important as the high quality siding that you choose to put on your home. ...

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Infographic: Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

In one of our recent posts we discussed how energy efficient windows work (click here to read that article).  This helpful infographic should give you all the basic information you need.   If you've got more questions about what energy efficient windows can do for you and your home, give ...

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Energy-Efficient Windows – How Do They Work?

If you are thinking about this question, it probably means that there is more behind it then just plain curiosity. Whether or not a window is extremely energy efficient should be one of your top considerations when you're selecting new windows. But have you wondered exactly what energy efficient windows ...

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