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Why You Need Storm Windows On Your Home in Minneapolis

Sometimes we think storm windows get a bad rap.  Minneapolis homeowners we talk to relate them to those old cumbersome wood-frame structures that had to be taken off each spring and put on again in the fall.  They were heavy and awkward, and they took lots of upkeep to maintain ...

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Buying an Historic Home? Why We Recommend Storm Windows Instead of Replacing The Old Windows

With new home construction down here in the Minneapolis area - as well as the rest of the nation - many people are choosing to buy an existing home instead of building.  Prices of building materials have skyrocketed, and in many cases are very difficult to find or take months ...

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Do You Own an Historic Home in the Twin Cities? Why You Should Consider Storm Windows

It may surprise you that a Minneapolis area replacement window company like ours at times will recommend that you NOT replace your windows.  And while the modern technology that today's replacement windows incorporates can improve the energy efficiency of your home and make it more comfortable in the process, there ...

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Storm Windows Can Make a Huge Difference for Minnesota Historic Homes

Summertime is storm season here in the Minneapolis area. And while things like thunderstorms are in the forecast, 'storm' brings to mind the importance of storm windows for those who have historic homes.  Replacement windows and exterior doors for older and historic homes are specialties of our company, and in ...

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Custom Fit Secondary Glazing (Storm) Windows From Mon-Ray for Minnesota Homes

Now that winter is threatening to make another appearance here in the Twin Cities, you may have noticed that your home has some drafts around the windows.  Not only does that make it uncomfortable inside but also you're spending more on heating than you need to.  If you've got an ...

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Why Would My Minnesota Home Need Storm Windows?

You'd think with how much we talk about the benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows for Minnesota homeowners in areas like the Twin Cities and the southern communities of Savage, Lakeville, and Farmington, that storm windows wouldn't be something we promote.   But for many homes around our area, modern storm windows ...

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