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Give Your Minneapolis Urban Home On-Trend Farmhouse Style with Marvin Windows

One of the hottest home decor and design trends of 2019 (and ongoing into 2020) is the farmhouse look.  But it's not limited to rural properties or actual farmhouses. The farmhouse aesthetic is popping up all over urban areas in the U.S. Perhaps it's a nostalgic longing for a simpler ...

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Look What a Wall of Marvin Windows Can Do with a Great View!

One major trend in windows for homes that has been gaining speed for the past couple of years is a window configuration that will open up a home to as much of the available view as possible.  Interest in bringing the outdoor surroundings indoors (or at least the feel of ...

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From the Wood Expert at Marvin Windows & Doors: Evaluating the Popular Woods

As a company that specializes in exterior doors and replacement windows for older and historic homes, we find that some of our customers prefer genuine wood instead of some of the maintenance-free alternatives like vinyl or fiberglass. But many Twin Cities homeowners have avoided wood windows and doors because they ...

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Window and Door Frame Colors: Dark and Moody Swooping in Over the Light and Airy

With so many changes that happen to a home throughout the year, if you're planning a remodeling project, think about how your home could use some color shifts.  We've noticed one of the trends in exterior remodeling is the popularity of black window frames (and door frames as well).  Once ...

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Why Marvin Integrity Fiberglass Replacement Windows Are Right for Minneapolis Homes

When it's time to replace the windows in your home here in Minneapolis, you have lots of choices - manufacturers, styles, materials, hardware, and more. We recognize our customers like to have several options to choose from, and that's one reason we install so many different window brands.  One of ...

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Why Hire a Minneapolis Area Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor to Install Your New Windows

If you're considering having the windows in your Minneapolis home replaced with energy-efficient Marvin Integrity fiberglass windows, we'd like to encourage you to take it one step further and have the work done by a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor (ARC). Any time you do major remodeling to your home, you ...

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