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This Minneapolis Replacement Window Trend Isn’t Going Away

Have you been following the trends in home design and renovation, especially as it relates to exteriors?  If you're thinking about replacing your windows with more energy-efficient models, as a Minneapolis window company we'd like to point out one of the major trends in windows.  Actually, we can hardly call ...

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We’ve Got Energy-Efficient Window Solutions for Summit Avenue Homes in St Paul MN

Did you know that Summit Avenue has one of the longest stretches of preserved historic homes in the U.S.?  In less than 5 miles you'll find 373 of the street's original 440 homes.  Although Victorian homes tend to dominate, there are other period architectural styles as well.  As a company ...

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What Windows Work Best for a Farmhouse Design Remodel?

One of the hottest trends in home remodeling as well as new home design for the past several years is the farmhouse look.  Maybe it's the longing for a simpler time or the peace and quiet of farm country.  Even here in the mega-urban locale of the greater Minneapolis area, ...

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Why Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows Are a Good Investment for Minneapolis Homes

Despite what you may have heard, if you're thinking about replacing your current windows with more energy-efficient ones, quality vinyl windows just might be the right choice for you. We've heard many of the negative comments, such as vinyl windows are just plastic, or that they won't hold up well ...

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The Benefits of Exterior Cladding on Wood Replacement Windows

Homeowners all around the Minneapolis metro are finding out that it's possible to have beautiful wood windows without all the drawbacks of real wood exteriors when they choose wood windows with maintenance-free cladding. It's the best way to get gorgeous beauty inside your home while avoiding all the upkeep and ...

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Why Are Wood Clad Windows Good for Minnesota Homes?

Recently we shared a post about why we highly recommend wood clad windows from Marvin.  We offer wood windows because they are the preferred material for owners of older homes who want to preserve historically accurate architectural details. Of course, that article focused mainly on the Marvin brand, so in ...

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