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Archive for November, 2013

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Holding Onto Old Windows? Don’t Waste Any More Money by Keeping Them

Choosing an older home?  It might be because you liked the charm it provides you with - something rustic with a touch of beauty and the traditional home feel that you're looking for. However, if the older home came with older windows, then this is not something that you will ...

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Home Remodeling: How to Do it Right

Are you contemplating a home improvement project?  Home remodeling is not a small feat. You have to plan ahead of time and get the budget right in order to make your move to make your home look the way you'd like it too. On top of the planning and purchasing, ...

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Keep Your Home Safer by Using These Tips

Is your home as safe as it could be?  You want to protect your family from any burglars that might find themselves in your neighborhood and looking for an easy target. Some people choose to install a home security system, but one of the best ways to remedy this situation ...

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MN Window Condensation Problems Solved

If you've got an older home in Minneapolis, you may have already done some improvements to update your home and improve its energy efficiency as well as its appearance.  One popular project for owners of older houses is window replacement. Once old windows are replaced with new beautiful fiberglass windows ...

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Replace Your Wood Door with a Fiberglass or Steel ProVia Door

Is Mother Nature getting into your home through the front door?  The ideal solution for a lot of homeowners out there is to upgrade from your old, outdated door to a new one. If it is an old wooden door, there could be many problems that you face. Wood doors ...

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How Do I Know When It is Time to Replace My Windows in Minneapolis?

Do you know whether your windows are in good shape?  When it comes to evaluating the windows throughout your Minneapolis home, there are some key sections you should pay attention to in order to find out if they should be replaced.  Sometimes a simple repair is needed, but often that's ...

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