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Does Your Entryway Take Their Breath Away? With the Right Front Door It Can!

This month we're thinking a lot about entry doors.  With the change of seasons homeowners all around the greater Minneapolis area are opening doors and windows to let fresh air and sunshine in.  One of the most important exterior doors in your home?  The front door.  There are a lot ...

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Spring House Maintenance Checklist for Minneapolis Homeowners

Finally, the warmer weather is rolling in here in the Minneapolis area! That means that you can have more sunshine and fresh air.  But spring also means home maintenance.   Whether inside or outside, everyone needs to do a bit of maintenance and spring cleaning. (By the way, the fall ...

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Put Your Tax Refund to Work: Invest In Your Home with Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Have you filed your 2021 income tax return yet?  And do you have plans for the refund you're anticipating?  You could just spend it - we're sure you've got a long list of items calling for that cash.  But instead of spending it, why not invest it?  In today's economy ...

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Replacing Your Entry Doors with Steel: Best Projects to Add Value to Your Minneapolis Home

Regardless of whether you are in your home indefinitely or have plans to sell it at some point down the road, it's always wise to evaluate any type of home improvement in terms of what kind of return on investment will you get out of it.  One of the best ...

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Minneapolis Homes Can Get Major Curb Appeal with Colored Front Doors

If you just have room in your budget for one home improvement project this year, make it a new front door.  And make it a colorful one!  The front entry area is the first thing people notice about a home.  As you're driving around the Minneapolis area, pay attention to ...

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Kitchen Window Trends – Facilitating More At-Home Life During a Pandemic

The current pandemic and resulting quarantine needs as well as more work-from-home and distance learning for students has affected more than just people's health, livelihood, and social lives.  There are home remodeling trends that are arising due to the desire to create more comfortable, livable homes for those who are ...

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