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How Can I Tell If I Need to Replace My Windows?

Window replacement is one of the most common exterior home improvement projects in the greater Minneapolis area, and with good reason.  Having newer energy-efficient windows that fit snugly in their openings in installed is one of the best ways to cut down on your heating and cooling costs.  As most ...

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How to Keep Your Home Safer and More Secure: Door & Window Tips

How safe and secure is your home? Chances are, if you're like most of the homeowners we meet with in the greater Minneapolis area to discuss replacing their windows and exterior doors, it's a big concern.   Perhaps having spent more time at home in the past year than you ...

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Why Windows Make Popping Noises

As a replacement window company serving the Minneapolis area, we often get calls from homeowners asking about issues with their windows during the winter.  One of the most common is about condensation, but another one is popping noises.  Now, as anyone who has owned a home for more than a ...

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How To Easily Clean Your Windows

There's just nothing like clean windows to boost your spirits, especially in the winter.  Days are getting longer but it's still often overcast here in Minneapolis, so getting the most sunlight in your home is very important at this time of year.  One way to do that is to replace ...

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My Windows Have Lots of Condensation on Them. Is This Bad?

Each winter - especially this one when the temps in the Minneapolis area are subzero, we get questions about window condensation.  Of course, most people think there is something wrong with their windows, but that is rarely the case.  While occasionally an old or damaged window might create conditions resulting ...

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Why Is Black So Popular for Minnesota Homes? (Don’t Be Afraid to Install Black Windows and Doors)

You may have noticed that icy white and pale neutrals have been predominant colors for exteriors of homes in the recent past. And as a reflection of that, white frames have remained very popular with our Twin Cities replacement window customers.  The appeal of fresh, light colors is understandable. And ...

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