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The Ins and Outs of Soffits on Twin Cities Homes

Most homeowners we talk to here in the Twin Cities area can readily identify the major elements of a home's exterior. Everyone knows what roofs, gutters, siding, windows, and doors are.  But when we ask about soffits, that's another matter.  Perhaps you've heard the term but can't identify what it ...

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Twin Cities Homeowners Should Consider Replacement Windows When Remodeling for Aging-in-Place

One of the biggest trends in remodeling - both interior and exterior - is based on the concept of aging in place.  Developers, designers, and architects are also making use of this idea when designing new homes. It's based on the idea that you can stay in the home you ...

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When is the Best Time for That Twin Cities Home Improvement Project?

When you’re thinking about home improvement projects, there are a lot of thoughts that can come to mind. Usually, the first is when the best time to do the project is. You want to make sure that the company can come out and provide the work that is needed, but ...

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Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Minnesota Exterior Home Remodeling Contractor

Perhaps your holiday dreams are more about doing something to the exterior your home rather than a white Christmas. Winter here in the Twin Cities means spending time indoors more, and for many homeowners that means curling up with home improvement ideas and dreaming about what to do with the ...

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Got Cold Air Leaks? Replace Your Windows, Plus Use These Tips to Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

Here in the Twin Cities, dealing with cold spots and drafts indoors is too often commonplace. Minnesota winters can be hard on all of us, and while we'd like to be warm and snug in our own homes, sometimes the weather makes its way in.  Sealing out those drafty areas ...

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Why You Should Clean Your Windows Before Winter

With snow in the forecast and below-freezing temps for the Twin Cities area, chances are if you're a homeowner here in the Minneapolis area you're scrambling to get outside chores like gutter clean-out done as well as stashing your outdoor furniture away.  Have you also got window cleaning on your ...

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