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Minneapolis Homeowner Asks: Why Do My Windows Rattle?

Is this you every time a large truck goes by your house or an airplane flies over?  Depending on where in the Minneapolis area you live, you may be familiar with (and annoyed by) rattling windows.  While the noise may interrupt a phone call or your favorite TV show, rattling ...

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What Do Real Estate Pros and Designers Recommend for Windows and Doors?

As THE replacement window contractor for the Minneapolis area, we pay attention to what real estate professionals as well as home designers are talking about, when it relates to windows and doors.   (Often their comments are contradictory, with many of them promoting trends, while others stress the value of ...

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Top Remodelings Trends for 2024: Invest in the Home You Own with Replacement Windows

The current skyrocketing housing prices have homeowners around the Minneapolis area opting to remodel their existing homes rather than looking to buy new.  Even those who purchased 'starter homes' are re-thinking their long-term plans and are instead looking at changes they can make in their homes to allow them to ...

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Did You Replace Your Windows in 2023? You May Be Eligible for Federal Tax Credits

Attention Minneapolis area homeowners:  DId you have your windows replaced last year with energy-efficient ones?  If so, check with your income tax professional to see if you qualify for a tax credit.  (Even if you've already filed, it may be worth it to file an amended return to take advantage ...

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Why Does Ice and Frost Build Up on Windows in Minneapolis Homes in the Winter?

With single digit daytime temps recently as well as subzero overnight readings here in the Minneapolis area, you can be confident that more than a few homes will have condensation, frost, and/or ice build-up inside.  And while this is common, it's something that needs to be remedied right away.  Left ...

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2024 Remodeling Trends: Create a Natural Haven in Your Home with the Right Doors & Windows

There are basically two types of home remodeling:  projects that either update a home or add value with the intent to sell it, and those that improve function, appearance, energy efficiency, and more for those who intend to remain in their homes indefinitely.  Some real estate experts are calling 2024 ...

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