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What Is an Egress Window? Do You Need Them?

Perhaps you've seen the term 'egress window' and wondered just what style window it is.  Well, it isn't a window style but a classification.  The word 'egress' means a way out; egress windows are those which provide a safe and easy alternative escape from a room in case of fire ...

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Happy May Day! It’s a Great Time to Refresh Your Minneapolis Home with New Windows & Entry Doors

May 1st - generally referred to as 'May Day', is celebrated by multiple cultures around the world.  Many of us here in the U.S. can remember making colored paper 'May baskets' filled with paper flowers and distributing them to our moms, grandmas, and neighbors. (Often because the real flowers weren't ...

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Invest Wisely in Home Remodeling: Choose Projects That Add Value

If you're considering remodeling your Minneapolis area home, a very important aspect is how that project will affect the value of your home.   Believe it or not, there are some types of renovation that can actually lower the value of your home.   A good example is an in-ground ...

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Marvin’s New Automated Windows Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

At our Minneapolis replacement window company, we serve a wide range of customers,  And we install these energy-efficient windows in homes of just about every style and age.  Yes, we specialize in older and historic homes, but more than a few modern homes are in our project catalog. We've found ...

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Enjoy Traditional Farmhouse Style with Modern Energy Efficiency from Marvin

One of the hottest trends in home design in the past few years has been the resurgence of traditional styles such as the farmhouse look. Whether it's a longing to return to a simpler area or simply an appreciation for this type of architecture, homeowners both in the city and ...

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Minneapolis Homeowner Asks: Why Do My Windows Rattle?

Depending on where in the Minneapolis area you live, you may be familiar with (and annoyed by) rattling windows.  While the noise may interrupt a phone call or your favorite TV show, rattling windows actually indicate your windows need some repair (or replacement).  Let's examine why this happens. What Causes ...

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