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Kitchen Window Trends – Facilitating More At-Home Life During a Pandemic

The current pandemic and resulting quarantine needs as well as more work-from-home and distance learning for students has affected more than just people's health, livelihood, and social lives.  There are home remodeling trends that are arising due to the desire to create more comfortable, livable homes for those who are ...

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Current Trends in Windows and Doors for Quarantine Life

Life sure has changed in the past two years.  We're spending much more time at home, both working and relaxing.  And that means your home design and how it functions with your changing needs is very important.  Major elements in this are windows and doors.  And as we talk with ...

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How the Right Replacement Windows Can Help You Battle Winter’s Darkness in Your Home

Even though the winter solstice is approaching, and we're gradually moving into more daylight, we still have quite a few long, dark days ahead of us. If you're spending time at home during the day, that means lots of lights turned on.  And that means higher electrical bills.   But ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Let Condensation on Your Windows Build Up – MOLD!

One of the most frequent topics we deal with at this time of year is condensation on windows. We get lots of calls, and what we hear from people is that there is a very basic misunderstanding of why condensation forms in winter.   (You can find several articles on ...

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Tips for Aging Minneapolis Homeowners Choosing Replacement Windows

Aging baby boomers make up the largest demographic here in the Minneapolis area - as well as the rest of the country.  The trend among this age group is home remodeling to allow them to 'age in place,' or changing things in their homes to facilitate ease of use, reduce ...

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How Can I Tell If I Need to Replace My Windows?

Window replacement is one of the most common exterior home improvement projects in the greater Minneapolis area, and with good reason.  Having newer energy-efficient windows that fit snugly in their openings in installed is one of the best ways to cut down on your heating and cooling costs.  As most ...

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