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Window & Door Trends for 2023 in Minneapolis Home Design

Just like the real estate professionals and designers are doing, we're paying close attention to emerging home design trends for 2023.  Doors and windows are important elements in any home, in this post we thought we'd touch on some hot trends that might encourage you to replace your exterior doors ...

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Minneapolis Homeowners Can Save Even More on Window and Door Replacement with Our Discounts!

Does one of your New Year's Resolutions involve making your home more energy-efficient so you can reduce your heating and cooling bills? (If not, you may want to revise your list and add it in; check out our recent blog post to learn more.) Replacing your old energy-wasting doors and windows ...

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Need a Great New Year’s Resolution? RESOLVE to Save on Utilities with Energy-Efficient Minneapolis Doors & Windows in 2023

Now, you might be wondering what does new year's resolutions have to do with doors and windows? With 2023 less than 48 hours away, many people might be contemplating their New Year's resolutions.  You know, that list of things to do that sound like great ideas but even with the ...

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It’s Not Too Late to Save on Minneapolis Exterior Doors and Replacement Windows!

Last minute gift shopping seems to be a normal thing, regardless of who (or what) you're shopping for.   How about this year you give a gift to yourself and your home by investing in replacement windows and exterior doors?  These are truly gifts that keep on giving, because each ...

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Minneapolis Homeowners: ‘Tis the Season to Save with Energy-Efficient Exterior Doors and Replacement Windows

Did you know that the greatest heating or cooling loss in a home is through door and window openings? That means reducing your energy usage and avoiding wasting energy can best be achieved by making sure your windows and doors are highly energy efficient.  As THE leading Replacement Window Company ...

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Why Monitoring Your Winter Indoor Humidity Level Is Important for Minneapolis Homeowners

We've shared multiple posts each winter on addressing condensation on window glass indoors.  Still, each year about this time we get calls about the issue, so we thought it would be helpful to again share this chart on what indoor humidity level should be relative to the outside air temperature.  ...

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