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Minneapolis Homeowner Asks: Why Do My Windows Rattle?

Is this you every time a large truck goes by your house or an airplane flies over?  Depending on where in the Minneapolis area you live, you may be familiar with (and annoyed by) rattling windows.  While the noise may interrupt a phone call or your favorite TV show, rattling windows actually indicate your windows need some repair (or replacement).  Let’s examine why this happens.

What Causes Windows to Rattle?

Outside noise infiltrating into a home is a common issue.  It’s one of the reasons the Minneapolis airport commission paid to have extra insulation put in homes beneath flight paths.  It’s also why those large sound barriers are erected along freeways.  But even if you don’t live near either of these areas, you may have noticed this happening in your home.  Firetrucks barreling down your street?  Windows rattle.  Nearby thunder?  Rattling windows.  Even strong winds can cause this.

Noise vibrations can trigger window rattling.  But they also are indicators of issues with your windows. 

  • Most often it’s due to loose glass.  Over time windows deteriorate, especially wood frame ones.  Or on older windows, caulk where the glass panes meets the frame could disintegrate.
  • But it could be something more serious, like wood rot, or a problem with the sash.

Rattling windows should never be ignored.  We highly recommend having a Minneapolis professional replacement window company like ours evaluate your windows.

What Can You Do to Temporarily Stop Window Rattling?

While you’re waiting for your window contractor to meet with you in your home, you may try things that help your windows fit more snugly in their frames, such as adding weather stripping or caulk.  Perhaps your window locks are loose, and a few turns of a screw driver can help.  Shims can fill in the gaps if the problem is a loose sash.  But these don’t address the real issue, nor are they a long-term solution.

There’s just one more thing we’d like to point out.  If your windows are rattling, it means something is loose.  And loose window components mean air and moisture are leaking in (or out).  The result?  You’re likely getting damage to your home if it’s moisture (hence, the wood rot; but mold can also develop).  And even if there’s no structural damage or mold, at the very least you’re wasting energy.  Your heat (or cooling) is literally flying out the window.

We can help.  Set up an appointment today with one of our replacement window technicians.  We can evaluate your existing windows and make suggestions to solve both the rattling as well as the air/moisture leakage. 




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