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Minneapolis Homeowners Can Save Even More on Window and Door Replacement with Our Discounts!

Does one of your New Year's Resolutions involve making your home more energy-efficient so you can reduce your heating and cooling bills? (If not, you may want to revise your list and add it in; check out our recent blog post to learn more.) Replacing your old energy-wasting doors and windows ...

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It’s Not Too Late to Save on Minneapolis Exterior Doors and Replacement Windows!

Last minute gift shopping seems to be a normal thing, regardless of who (or what) you're shopping for.   How about this year you give a gift to yourself and your home by investing in replacement windows and exterior doors?  These are truly gifts that keep on giving, because each ...

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Why Monitoring Your Winter Indoor Humidity Level Is Important for Minneapolis Homeowners

We've shared multiple posts each winter on addressing condensation on window glass indoors.  Still, each year about this time we get calls about the issue, so we thought it would be helpful to again share this chart on what indoor humidity level should be relative to the outside air temperature.  ...

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Our Online Discount Coupons Save Minneapolis Homeowners Big on Replacement Windows and Entry Doors

As we're moving into the holiday season, we know you're probably concerned about saving money.  People we talk to are watching for sales and big savings days.  While our Minneapolis replacement window company doesn't have a 'Black Friday' event planned, we do have some great online specials for those who ...

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Visit Our Savage Area Replacement Window and Door Showroom for Energy-Efficient Products

As the first day of fall approaches, here in the Minneapolis area most people we talk to are concerned about their homes being able to handle the upcoming winter without needing to take out a loan for utilities and pile on the sweaters because of drafty rooms.  If that's you, ...

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Schedule Your Minneapolis Replacement Window or Exterior Door Project by October 1st and SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Who doesn't like to save money?  Actually, saving money on utility bills for heating and cooling is one of the top reasons our customers reach out to us to replace their existing windows or exterior doors.  And while choosing energy-efficient windows, entry doors, patio doors, and storm doors will help ...

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