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Archive for June, 2019

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What Minneapolis Homeowners Need to Know: The Myth of a Budget Replacement Window

We understand that for most homeowners, being able to save money wherever possible when doing remodeling is important.  But if you're replacing your windows, we'd like to warn you about those bargain windows you might see advertised. Cheap windows are inexpensive, and with good reason.  Keep reading to find out ...

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Creating Visual Harmony with the Siding on Your Home

Color means more than you think when it comes to the look of your home, especially the exterior.  This means when it is time to have new siding (and trim) installed on your home, the siding you choose should be good quality within your budget, but you also want to ...

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What Factors Influence the Cost of Minneapolis Replacement Windows?

When you comparing costs of replacement windows for your home in the Minneapolis area,  we wanted to share some information on elements that affect the final cost of a window.  Investing in newer, energy-efficient windows for a home is a major expense, but cost should not be the only item ...

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Prioritizing Exterior Remodeling Projects for Your Twin Cities Home

Most homeowners have a running to-do list for their homes. Chances are you've got one, too - maintenance, repairs, remodeling.  Which do you tackle first?  Of course, if there are crucial things that need repair - like your furnace has died or your water heater is only putting out cold ...

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Twin Cities Homeowners Shouldn’t Ever Wait to Replace Siding: Here’s Why

There are some home improvement and maintenance items that can be postponed.  Siding replacement isn't one of them.  Replacing the siding on your home when it needs it is important - not only for the way the home looks, but also for the way it performs and protects the people ...

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Choosing Fiberglass or Steel for an Entry Door in Minneapolis

When we talk to homeowners here in the Minneapolis area about entry doors, one of their first questions is what kind of door is going to provide security and durability. We usually recommend steel or fiberglass. Knowing which is best - fiberglass or steel - for your entry door is ...

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