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What Factors Influence the Cost of Minneapolis Replacement Windows?

When you comparing costs of replacement windows for your home in the Minneapolis area,  we wanted to share some information on elements that affect the final cost of a window.  Investing in newer, energy-efficient windows for a home is a major expense, but cost should not be the only item you consider.  Just like with everything else, you get what you pay for.

There are many questions that float around the replacement window industry because many homeowners want to make sure that they are choosing the right windows to put in their homes.

As with any type of remodeling, there is no simple answer on how much something is going to cost and why, unless you get a detailed quote for your home and the specific windows you’ve selected.  But it is good to have an idea of what might affect the price.

The Window Quality

Quality of the window – whether it is low or high – is going to make a difference.  We always recommend that customers opt for the highest quality window that will fit in their budget.  Again, you get what you pay for.  There’s not much sense in having poor quality windows put in – the installation labor and the time it takes to get it done is going to be about the same.  You may notice that we don’t sell lower-end windows, with good reason.  Investing in quality replacement windows is wise.

The Materials

The materials that goes into manufacturing replacement windows (as well as any options you might select) are going to make a difference in the price that you pay. This can be everything from the coating on the outside, the weather stripping, the window frame, and more. For example, certain window frame materials cost more than others, but the trade-off is they are going to last longer and/or be more energy-efficient, so over time the cost could actually be less.

Glass Packages

The glass packages that you choose, the number of panes, the type of filling between the panes, any coatings or tints – all these things can affect the price.  But each one of those elements may have a correlating cost savings in terms of energy efficiency or lifespan, so anticipated savings should be considered as well.

Window Installation

The installation of the windows is going to cost something, especially if you are paying for a quality installation service.  Yes, you can get replacement windows at a big box home remodeling store and try to install them yourself, but unless you’re familiar with window installation and have the right tools, chances are you aren’t going to get the full benefits out of those windows.  The quality of the installer is just as important as the window itself.

Give us a call here at our Twin Cities area replacement window company to find out more about what we have available.  We work with our customers to help them choose the best windows for their home AND their budget.  And we know that cost does matter.  Follow us on Facebook and check our website for our periodic specials on replacement window installation and you could save even more! 



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