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Are Energy Efficient Storm Doors Worth the Cost for Minneapolis Homes?

We get this question from time to time when discussing our recommendation to have storm doors installed as well when we're working with homeowners getting new entry doors.  And more often than not, the word 'really' is part of the question.   Our answer?  ABSOLUTELY - REALLY! Of course, we ...

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Got a Dog? Then You Need ProVia’s Storm Doors

Choosing the right storm door for a home can be problematic for Minneapolis homeowners who have dogs.  Regardless of the size of your dog, if you've got one, you know how they can damage a storm door if they want to get out.  But ProVia has the answer:  storm doors ...

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Minneapolis Homeowners Still Have Time to Get Storm Doors Installed!

Sure, today's mild temps might have you thinking winter's a long way off.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that drizzling rain we got could just as well be snow.  We're 3 weeks past the earliest recorded measureable snow fall in Minneapolis (1964) so talking about preparing for winter isn't ...

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Time to Get Storm Doors Installed Before Winter Hits Minneapolis!

The State Fair is just a memory, and the kids are back in school.  You've probably started raking leaves (or at least thinking about it).  And while we hate to talk about the coming cold weather while it's so nice, this is a great time to remind you to get ...

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Why Minneapolis Homeowners Should Get Storm Doors Installed Before Winter

Storm doors?  If you've got good quality, energy-efficient entry doors on your Minneapolis home, do you really need storm doors?  The short answer is, 'Yes, you do.'  And we highly recommend them.  The Twin Cities area - and Minnesota in general - is synonymous with storms.  While storm doors do ...

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Get Your Minneapolis Home Ready for Warm Weather with ProVia Storm Doors

One thing we're sure that Minneapolis area residents look forward to after a long, hard winter is the warm weather spring and summer bring. There's just nothing like being able to throw open your doors and windows and let the fresh air in after months of everything being cooped up. ...

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