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Are Energy Efficient Storm Doors Worth the Cost for Minneapolis Homes?

We get this question from time to time when discussing our recommendation to have storm doors installed as well when we’re working with homeowners getting new entry doors.  And more often than not, the word ‘really’ is part of the question.   Our answer?  ABSOLUTELY – REALLY!

Of course, we understand why someone might ask about whether the storm doors we’re recommending to them are a good value.  After all, they’re already getting energy-efficient entry doors, so why do they need a storm door?  And since you can get a relatively decent storm door right off the shelf from a big box home improvement store for under $150, why would you pay double or even triple that for a door (plus cost of installation)?

All decent questions, and we have some good answers for you.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Storm Doors

Let’s talk about some of the other benefits of our storm doors before we get to energy savings.  These include:

  • Protecting your entry doors from wind, weather, moisture, and debris damage.  These are very important if your entry doors are genuine wood (which we don’t often recommend for homes in our area; Minneapolis climate is hard on any wood exterior products).
  • Home security.  Most home burglaries happen by way of an entry door.  Adding an extra layer to get through will discourage most burglars.  And if you’ve got pets and/or small children, a quality storm door is one more protective feature.  You can have your entry door open for sun and air, but a locking quality storm door will keep those two-legged and four-legged family members safe indoors.  (Check out the storm doors we install from ProVia that have damage-resistant screening.  ProVia also offers half-glass storm doors with built-in pet doors.)
  • Increased resale value.  Home buyers these days put a high priority on energy efficiency,  Plus when you choose a storm door that complements your entry door, curb appeal goes up.  It’s hard to put a price on curb appeal, but it does help with both value and how quickly a home might sell.  Some real estate experts say that of all the reasons to get energy-efficient storm doors installed on your home, this tops the list.

Now let’s talk about savings due to energy efficiency.  If you’re inclined to skip the storm doors because your new entry doors are already very energy efficient, please consider this.  Every layer you add to your home’s openings (doors and windows being the main ones), you increase the insulating value of that opening, and thereby increase the energy efficiency.  It’s much like putting on a sweater in the winter to keep you just a bit warmer.  Layers are great!

One of the main ways these energy-efficient storm doors save energy is cutting down on air leakage.  And air going in or out through your exterior door openings is a big contributor to wasted energy. 

So, combining all these factors is why we say yes, energy efficient storm doors are definitely worth the extra cost!  Got more questions about our storm doors?  Contact us today!

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