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What You Need to Know About Replacing Windows in an Historic Home

Our Minneapolis replacement window company specializes in windows and exterior doors for historic homes. As a result, we've developed a lot of expertise in this field.  And we're fortunate to have the help of some pretty great window and door companies like Marvin that manufacture products that fill the need ...

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What Is the Best Replacement Window for an Historic Home?

As a replacement window company specializing in older and historic homes, we feel highly qualified to answer a question like this.  But it may surprise you to learn that when people ask us what the best replacement window is for their historic home that our answer is "Don't replace your ...

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Own an Older Home in Minnesota? You Can Have Historically Accurate Details and Modern Energy Efficiency, Too!

As a Minnesota replacement window and door company that specializes in solutions for older and historic homes, we realize that the reason people are attracted to these houses is often in the details as well as the craftsmanship. You've probably seen many of the ones we're talking about as you've ...

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How Modern Energy-Efficient Windows Can Update Your Older Minneapolis Home While Preserving Its Charm

As a Twin Cities replacement window company specializing in window and door solutions for older and historic homes, we realize that one of the main concerns many homeowners have is being able to maintain the authentic look and charm they loved when they purchased their homes. One drawback to these ...

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Do You Own an Historic Home in the Twin Cities? Why You Should Consider Storm Windows

It may surprise you that a Minneapolis area replacement window company like ours at times will recommend that you NOT replace your windows.  And while the modern technology that today's replacement windows incorporates can improve the energy efficiency of your home and make it more comfortable in the process, there ...

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Some Basic Information on Replacement Windows for Minneapolis Historic Homes

Buyers of historic and other older homes know they come with upsides and drawbacks. The traditional craftsmanship can't be beat, and it's rare to be able to find wood of the quality that was used back in the day.  But those old homes usually have windows that are far from ...

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