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Prioritizing Exterior Remodeling Projects for Your Twin Cities Home

Most homeowners have a running to-do list for their homes. Chances are you’ve got one, too – maintenance, repairs, remodeling.  Which do you tackle first?  Of course, if there are crucial things that need repair – like your furnace has died or your water heater is only putting out cold – those should be attended to first.  And maintenance to care for what you’ve already invested in so it works well and lasts is also important. But what about remodeling or renovating your home?  If you’re like most homeowners we talk to here in the Twin Cities area, you probably have a number of things you’re considering.  Which should come first?

According to real estate professionals, when faced with multiple projects, exterior home improvement or remodeling should be done before interior work.  But you might have multiple exterior items you’re thinking about, so how do you choose?  Here are some tips to help you.

Tips for Choosing Among Home Exterior Remodeling Items On Your To-Do List

Prioritize the Projects by Budget

Having quality replacement projects means that they are going to cost a bit of money in order to get them done. Organize your projects by cost – the least expensive ones first.  Once you’ve got your budget figured out, this should help you determine what you can afford.

  • Replacement Windows: The average price for this project varies a lot because of the types of windows that are needed, how many, and the materials you choose for windows. You can pay as much as $1200 for one double hung window to be installed in a home, so it is important to consider the type of window. A typical window replacement project will run around $7,000.
  • Entry Doors: Replacing an entry door (particularly the front door) is a good place to start if you’ve got a small budget. The price depends on what material you choose to go with. It can cost as much as $2,000 or more to have one installed, but keep in mind that a new front door gives one of the biggest returns on investment. The value it can add to your home can come close to its cost (or in some cases, even exceed it). So over time this relatively low-cost remodeling project can pay off.
  • Roofing: Roof replacement can be costly, but generally it’s not something that can be put off.  A failing roof can cause structural damage, and it your roof is in poor shape, it will cost you when it comes time to sell your home.  Keep in mind that it can cost upwards of  $10,000 to re-roof a home. This is dependent on the type of roofing, as well as the size of the home and the configuration of the roof.
  • Siding: Replacing siding can cost up towards $14,000 depending on the type of siding and quality you choose. But like roofing, siding replacement shouldn’t be put off if your siding is has been damaged or is badly worn.

Here are a few other tips to help you prioritize your projects:

  • Replace damaged or badly worn components before tackling remodeling that is for purposes of improving your home’s overall look. It’s great to have fantastic curb appeal, but not when there are critical repairs to be made.
  • Prioritize improvements that will help cut your energy use – that includes heating, cooling, water, and lighting.  It will cost you up front, but over time it will actually save you money.
  • Remodeling that cuts down on home maintenance should be near the top of your to-do list.  Maintenance-free features are what today’s buyers are looking for.  And reducing maintenance usually means cutting costs as well. 

Does your home’s exterior need some help?  Speak with us today and we can help you come up with the best plan of action so that all of the exterior projects get done in a timely manner and your home gets what it needs.

Window Outfitters, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home remodeling company, and we specialize in energy-efficient exterior services such as replacement windows and entry doors as well as siding.




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