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Beautify Your Home's Exterior with New Windows

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Watch the Video below and learn about Neat® Glass for your Windows!

Often homeowners in the Minneapolis area replace their windows to reduce maintenance chores. That means except for window washing, those new windows take virtually no other care. But when you choose windows with Neat® glass, you can even cross that task off your list. Self-cleaning windows aren’t a thing of the future – they’re here today. Many window companies we work with are now choosing to manufacture their windows with Neat® glass:

  • Standard with windows from Lindsay and Weather Shield
  • Available as an option on windows from Marvin and Windows by Unlimited

Neat® Glass – Makes Cleaning Easier and Keeps Your Windows Clean Longer – Naturally

Your windows are meant to provide a beautiful view of your world, but dirty glass often interferes with that. Neat® glass has been engineered to enhance your windows while simplifying window cleaning. A truly innovative development, this multi-layer coating on the exterior of the window is activated by UV rays, working together with rain water to wash away grime, dust, and build-up from organic matter such as bird droppings or fingerprints. And because the coating works with UV light, it’s active even on cloudy days.

  • Rain sheets off rather than beading up
  • Glass dries quickly, eliminating water spotting from rain or condensation
  • Rainwater washes debris away

For a detailed look at the manufacturing process as well as visible demonstrations of Neat® glass in action, watch the video above.

Windows with Neat® Glass Are Highly Energy-Efficient as Well as Naturally Beautiful

In addition to being easy to keep clean, windows manufactured with Neat® glass can save you money as well as time. Neat® glass has a Low-E2 coating to keep summer’s heat outside and winter’s heat indoors. With Neat® glass windows you’ll notice savings on your energy bills as you enjoy the beautiful view.

Neat® glass has been engineered to be durable and long-lasting. The properties of Neat® glass have been researched under conditions which replicate natural exposure. And since it’s manufactured to Cardinal’s high standards and subjected to extensive testing, you can be confident that when you choose windows with Neat® glass, you’ll be enjoying their benefits for years to come.

Enjoy your windows on the world with Neat® glass, the revolutionary new glass product from Cardinal Industries; now available from Window Outfitters Neat Glass window installers located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.