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Is Your Minneapolis Home Ready for Mosquito Season? Check Your Doors and Windows!

Have you unknowingly given this pest free access to the interior of your home?

If you live in Minnesota, you’re probably well aware of the nastiest part of warm weather – the mosquito.  This small insect has the capability of ruining more outdoor adventures than anything else short, of a hail storm.  But these biting critters can also make things uncomfortable in your home as well, if your doors and windows aren’t doing all they can to keep them out.

On hot summer nights it’s likely you’re shutting your windows and doors if you have air conditioning, and you’re thinking that will keep them out, right?  But just as you’re starting to fall asleep you find out how wrong you were, and that buzzing around your head tells you the dreaded bite is coming. You flail your arms and swat at the unseen predator, and then it happens. Ouch! Then the itching starts, and you’re in for a sleepless night.

And if you don’t have air conditioning, your chances of being ambushed by these tiny winged home invaders is even worse. 

The reality is that unless your home is air-tight (which in and of itself can create more problems), there are spaces where those mosquitoes can slip in.  And most of those areas are around windows and doors. Open windows and doors – even with screens on – may attract those mosquitoes (and other bugs), since they are driven by smell. Aromas from food, your skin, and even water can attract them. They’re also drawn by warmth, so as the evening cools, the warmer interior of your home might be just what they’re looking for.

Windows and doors are the source of most of the air leaks in homes (resulting in loss of heating and cooling), and if air can get in and out around your doors and windows, chances are small insects can as well.  Did you know that with its wings flat, a mosquito only needs an opening the thickness of a credit card to get in?  So try this – go around your home and see if you can slip one of your cards in between your door or window and its frame. If the answer is yes, you’ve got a mosquito entry, too.

Other areas of concern are screens. You need to check your window and door screens for slits or distortions in the screening.  Any damaged screens should be repaired or replaced. 

The best defense against a mosquito invasion this summer?  Energy-efficient windows and doors.  They are designed to fit snugly against their frames to prevent air leaks.  That same quality will seal up areas that mosquitoes might use to gain entrance.  The air loss/infiltration rate for highly effective energy-efficient windows is close to zero, meaning mosquitoes won’t be getting in either.  So if you’d like to get your home ready for bug season, talk to us and arrange a free in-home consultation. We can evaluate your existing doors and windows and make recommendations for solutions that will have you sleeping soundly this summer – and every season thereafter.

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