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The Dos and Don’ts When It Comes to DIY Remodeling

04apr02b2a14Are you one of the many Minnesota homeowners who tackle their own home remodeling?  According to HUD and the US Census Bureau, 37% of all home remodeling projects that were performed throughout the nation were do-it-yourself jobs.

There are many reasons for this number such as being able to watch and get tips on these renovations through the Internet and on television, along with the downturn in the economy and not being able to pay a professional to do the renovating for you.

It is also important though, for these homeowners to keep in mind of the risks, time delays and any hidden costs that might come about along the way before they try to attempt the DIY project at hand. The professionals in the field report that around 30% of their work is to fix a DIY project gone wrong.


Weigh the Risks Before Taking on a DIY Home Improvement Project

When it comes to being face to face with a project, homeowners should ask themselves if anything was to go wrong (think of the biggest and worst), are they going to be able to fix it? If the answer is no or there is doubt, then hiring a professional to do it the first time around might save you time and money. You shouldn’t have to take on more than what you bargained for when it comes to any remodeling project. If it is just too big and you do not have the skill set for the project, it might not go so well.

There are many different smaller projects that can be done by the homeowner though such as changing the doorknobs throughout the home, painting, furnishing, caulking and even changing out cabinet pulls. If a project doesn’t require a specialized skill (or a license), you should feel confident about doing all of these yourself. You need to also keep these things in mind for your DIY project:

  • Time – This is an important one, since DIY projects tend to take longer than if you were to hire someone for the job, since you have to figure out what you’re doing in the first place. When you hire someone for the job, you know when it will be completed.  And for most people, their time is worth something, so put a dollar value on your own time.
  • Safety – If you do not have the proper training and preparation or materials for the job, then it might become dangerous based on what it is. You need to consider your skill level and knowledge in this particular field.  Especially critical are areas dealing with electrical, working on ladders, and power tools you’re not very familiar with.
  • Those Hidden Costs – When it comes to making a mistake, an error will cost you, so you want to ensure that you keep some extra money aside for these fixes. Keep in mind that some ‘mistakes’ could lead to major damage that will require professional repair.  If you hire a contractor, you’re able to have those fixes done without extra cost.  In fact, experienced professionals shouldn’t be making the mistakes you might.
  • Cost of Materials – Bear in mind that you’re probably going to pay more for your materials than a contractor would.  Contractors have sources and discounts not available to the general public.
  • A Permit is Required – Generally if your project means you have to pull a building permit, that should be a red flag for you.  Permits mean a building inspector will be checking your work, and if you’re not familiar with building code, there could be problems.


A Professional MN Exterior Home Improvement Contractor Might Be More Economical Than You Think

If you’re considering an exterior home improvement or repair project such as putting on new siding or replacing your windows or entry doors, why not give us a call today for an estimate? You may find out that having a professional handle the job will cost you a lot less than you might have thought before. We are always running specials and discounts to help cover some of the costs, and with our experience you may find that in the long run we’ll cost you less than if you do it yourself.  Plus you’ll have the assurance it was done right.

Check out our Pinterest Page for a bit more inspiration when you’d like to change the look and feel of your home.  If you see something that appeals to you for your home, give us a call today for a free consultation: (952) 746-6661.


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