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Why Minneapolis Homeowners Should Clean Their Windows in the Winter

If you’re like many homeowners in the Twin Cities area, you probably think of window cleaning as something to be done in spring or fall, certainly not in the middle of winter.  But did you know that there are some real benefits to having clean windows right now?

Why Clean Windows Matter in Winter

Taking advantage of available sunlight during the day is very important all year round, but especially in winter when we’re faced with shorter days and often cloudy skies that cut down on how much sun we’re getting in our homes.  Lack of sufficient sunlight can lead to all sorts of health issues, including “Seasonal Affective Disorder’ or SAD.  One antidote to this common winter condition is to get more sunlight.  If your windows are dirty, you’re blocking out what limited light is available, so keeping them clean can help.

What?  Mess with window cleaning in the winter?  Isn’t it a little impractical to get outside with a ladder, a bucket of water, and a squeegee?

Not necessarily.  If you have had modern replacement windows installed, you may have sashes that tilt in to allow you to clean them from inside your home.  And even if your windows don’t have that feature, just cleaning the interior glass surface will help.  Chances are if you’re like most of us you’re spending more time indoors, and that could mean more build-up of gunk, dust, and other things on your window glass.  Plus cleaning the tracks and frames will reduce dust which may cause respiratory issues. 

Another reason to keep your windows clean during this time of year also has to do with more natural light coming in.  Maximizing available daylight indoors means you won’t be turning on your lights as often during the day, and that will translate into lower electric bills.  Why pay to illuminate your home indoors when the sun can do it for you?  This is one aspect of energy savings that sometimes gets overlooked.  Most often people think in terms of an energy efficient window that reduces heat or cooling transfer.  But those lights you need to turn on will literally add up, so why not keep them off whenever possible?

One further benefit of clean windows at this time of year is that it can boost your mood.  Winter here in Minnesota is hard enough on us, so why not take some simple steps to make your life a little bit more cheerful? Cleaning your windows can do just that.

If your windows are difficult or impossible to clean from inside your home, perhaps it’s time to talk to us about replacing them with windows meant to make cleaning easier.  We have lots of different styles and manufacturers to choose from.  We are THE replacement window company for the Twin Cities area, and we strive to find the perfect window solution for each home.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation. 


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