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Choose Siding Engineered for the Minneapolis Area Climate

When choosing siding for your home, it's best to keep in mind that one type does not work best for all climates.  That's why at Window Outfitters, a Minneapolis area siding contractor, we recommend and install James Hardie fiber cement siding from the James Hardie Company.  With Hardie siding you can have ...

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Minneapolis Leads the Way in Quality Pella Windows Installation

Pella windows and doors are probably the most popular national brand of these items than any other product on the market. Manufactured primarily in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Texas, these windows and doors are shipped all over the world to provide the very best in thermal regulation, as well as ...

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Energy Efficiency Ratings for Replacement Windows – What Do All Those Letters Mean?

Windows have several energy ratings, as you've probably already found out if you've been in the market for replacement windows in the Minneapolis area. But all those letters and numbers can get confusing.  R, U, VT and E - what do they all mean?  How can you evaluate a window's efficiency, especially ...

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Low –E Values On Replacement Windows

When searching for a good window, it is a good idea to understand what “low-E” values are, and how they will impact your decision. Low-E stands for low-emissivity. It is a value given to all materials, not just glass, which states how well that material will radiate energy. All materials ...

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Pella – Premium Windows | Minneapolis Replacement Window Contractor

Window Outfitters, Inc., has chosen to become a Certified Contractor for  Pella windows and doors.  As a leading Minnesota Replacement Window Contractor, we've got a long tradition of offering our customers the best products available.  And that's why Pella products are tops among our lines of premium windows.   Whether you choose wood, vinyl, or fiberglass, ...

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A Tradition of Excellence Vinyl Replacement Windows MN

When you put vinyl replacement windows in your home Window Outfitters Inc., you'll feel the difference every day.? Vinyl is among the best window materials for increasing the thermal energy efficiency of your home.  And their overall construction techniques combine to produce an energy-efficient window that's strong and beautiful as ...

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