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Archive for January, 2014

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MN Winter Window How-To Tips: Condensation on Windows 101

Winter in Minneapolis often means condensation.  Condensation is able to appear as a number of things such as frost, ice, droplets, water or any combination of them.  It can form on any surface throughout your home when the temperature on the surface is less than the dew point temperature around ...

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Learning More About Energy Efficiency in Your Rosemount MN Windows

With all the deep-freeze temps we've had here in the Rosemount area this winter, taking steps to cut your heating bills is probably a big concern for you.  Incorporating energy-efficient components into your home will help. When it comes to improving the energy efficiency throughout your home, replacing old, worn-out ...

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Going Shopping for the Right Vinyl Siding in Lakeville MN

Now that the holiday shopping is over, perhaps your focus has turned to some shopping for home improvement projects, such as new siding.  When it comes to shopping for the right vinyl siding to put on your home, cost is usually one of the biggest concerns you may have. The ...

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Is Your Savage MN House Zapping Your Wallet? New Windows and Doors Could Help

When it comes to questioning how you're spending your money on your Savage home, you might be wondering if you're making the right investment and if you're going to be getting a return of some of the money that you spent on it in the first place.  Getting the most ...

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MN Replacement Windows: Having the Best Work Done Means Finding the Best Window Company

Making a house more energy-efficient seems to be at the top of the to-do list for Minneapolis area homeowners.  Quality replacement windows can help.  Energy-efficient windows can be a smart investment to make, because you can get up to an 80% return on investment, depending on the windows you choose.  ...

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How to Protect Your Exterior Walls Using the Right Siding on Your Apple Valley Home

If part of your New Year's resolutions for 2014 includes giving your home an exterior improvement, why not consider new siding?  There are many benefits that come with putting new siding on your home, not just changing the way the home looks overall. Siding can protect the overall well-being of ...

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