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Tinted Minnesota Windows Let You Have Your View AND Your Comfort In All Seasons

You love those south-facing windows because of the beautiful view and all the light they let in.  But when you let the light in, often you let in the heat as well.  And so to stay comfortable, you close the blinds or draw the drapes.  And you love sitting in ...

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Historic Minnesota Homes Need Period Windows

Many older homes and especially historic homes in MN have window and door openings that are not standard to the industry today. Windows way back when served a different purpose than they do now. Back then the window played a much larger role -they were the homes only air conditioning. ...

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Make Your Rooms More Comfortable with Low-E Windows from this Mpls Replacement Window Contractor

If you've been shopping for replacement windows for your home, you probably are familiar with the multitude of choices and options available.  One of the most popular today is the "Low-E" designation.  Just what is Low-E, and do you need (or want) it?    Years ago window construction was fairly simply - ...

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Storm Windows Are a Great Choice for Historic Commercial Buildings in the Minneapolis Area

Older and historic commercial properties can pose special challenges in terms of exterior renovation and preservation.  And one of the most problematic areas can be the windows.  Often windows in historic and older office buildings and other commercial products are an integral design feature, despite their lack of energy efficiency ...

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Expand Your View with Replacement Bay and Bow Windows

If you're seeking to update or refresh your home's exterior and you're planning on replacing your windows, why not consider adding a bay or bow window?   Though similar in construction (one large window flanked by two smaller side windows), there is a difference.  Bay windows extend out in a rectangular box ...

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Does Your Front Door Say “Welcome To Our Home”?

If making your friends and visitors feel welcome from the moment they enter your home is important to you, you'll want to make sure that's the impression they get as they walk up to your front door.  If you haven't taken a look at your front entrance lately, you might ...

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