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Do Your Doors and Windows Need Replacing?

As you’re buttoning up your home for another Minnesota winter, be sure you give your doors and windows a good looking over. 

Sometimes it is obvious that certain windows and doors need to be replaced. Other times, it is not so noticeable. As with any purchase as a homeowner, we hope that these investments will last forever. Unfortunately, this is not the case for windows and doors.  When the deterioration isn’t easy to see, how can you tell it’s time for new ones?

Below you will find five sure signs that your windows and doors need replacing.

When Standing by Your Windows or Doors, You Feel Drafts
Cold air in winter and hot air in summer should stay outside your home. If you happen to feel a cold or hot draft coming from your closed windows, it is time to replace them.

It Gets Difficult to Lock or Move Your Windows
Opening and closing your windows and doors – as well as locking them – should not be difficult. If they have been painted or nailed shut this can pose a safety hazard to your family in the event of a fire or other dangerous situation. When cleaning them does not do the trick, it is time to get new windows.  The same holds true for your exterior doors.  If they’re difficult to open or close, they could need repair or replacing as well.

Light Leaks from the Frame of Your Doors or Windows
When you have a pinhole or more of light leaking through your window or door frames, this not only indicates that cold or hot air is leaking into your home, it also opens up the possibility that insects and other rodents will get into your home.  Do you know how well your current exterior door is performing?

Condensation Is Present in Between Your Window Panes
Between each window pane is supposed to be a layer of air. This air helps keep your home insulated. When there is condensation between your window panes, this is a good indication that your windows are not performing the way they are supposed to, because if moisture has gotten in their, the insulating air has leaked out.

Your Heating and Cooling Bills Are high
When your home is poorly insulated, your energy bills skyrocket. When your windows and doors are older, only have one glass pane, or have any of the problems stated above, you end up paying more for your heating and cooling bills than you should. New windows and doors that have two or three glass panes will be a great investment for any homeowner. The windows will end up paying for themselves in energy savings over the lifetime of the windows themselves.  And you can opt for more energy-efficient doors as well.  The majority of heating or cooling that’s lost from a home is through windows and doors that aren’t performing well.

If your windows or doors do indeed need to be replaced, the professionals at Window Outfitters will help you choose the best replacements that fit your budget and your needs.  We are a licensed MN window and door installation company serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including the Dakota County communities of Savage, Prior Lake, Lakeville, and Apple Valley. 


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