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Why Engineered Wood Siding is Superior to Natural Wood

For homeowners here in the Minneapolis area, engineered wood is a really practical siding option, but it’s not necessarily the most affordable. Instead, it’s a mix of value and beauty that most people really seem to enjoy. You can enjoy the look of beautiful hardwoods, while getting a sturdy structure that’s going to hold up well over time.

Natural wood has been used for siding on houses for centuries, and it works well, but it comes with some drawbacks that many homeowners simply don’t consider –  especially when it’s used for siding.

image_01Wood is strong, and as a siding product it holds up better than either sod or bamboo could ever hope to.  But when this material was considered cutting edge, back in the early 1900s, the average human life expectancy was only 31 to 40 years throughout the United States, so those houses didn’t have to hold up very long, considering their owners weren’t expected to live more than three or four decades.  Because of that, siding didn’t have to last.

But things have changed.  The life expectancy for an American is about 80 years, more than double what it was a hundred years ago.  As people are living longer, they expect their homes to last longer, too.  And that includes their siding.  


Regular Maintenance of Wood Siding Is Vital

Today most homeowners expect to get a lot out of the investment in their homes. They expect that the house is going to hold up for 50 years or more, then they expect to sell it off again, or give it away to a loved one after heading to retirement.

Unfortunately that’s just not possible without careful maintenance. The roof, the interior and the foundation have to be meticulously cared for, but none of that is going to matter if the exterior that’s covering the home isn’t watched out for as well. Your wood siding care must be kept up over time, and if it isn’t, bugs, water and other undesirable elements will be allowed right into your home to do serious damage to it.

Wood Siding Has Many Enemies

Since wood was used as siding over 100 years ago, other siding types have come out. Aluminum, vinyl, copper, fiber cement, and many other products are available today. That doesn’t keep people from using wood though, because natural wood like cedar is beautiful to look at. Unfortunately it must be carefully maintained, and it has natural enemies like moisture, mold, and insects, to name a few.

Wood can’t handle regular moisture, and has to be sealed up from it on a regular basis. It also weathers and wears out from sunlight when exposed, and will be eaten by insects if it isn’t safeguarded against them. There are countless pests always looking to get in through wood siding, and once they’re in, they are going to move on to the rest of the structure as well.

Engineered Wood Siding’s Advantages

That’s exactly what makes engineered wood so popular today. It looks nearly identical to hardwood, but it’s much more reliable and durable. It resists rot and pests more effectively so you don’t have to worry about your house all the time.

Not only that, but engineered wood is also lighter and can be installed faster and easier, making it more affordable to put on than actual wood is.

Even though it resists water damage longer than natural wood, engineered wood can’t stand up to moisture indefinitely, and it still must be sealed against it. Luckily most of these products come pre-treated and you won’t have to worry about nearly as much maintenance to keep them in shape.

Consider Your Siding Options

If you’re thinking about how beautiful it would be to dress your home up with a genuine wood look, take a moment to think about all the drawbacks that it comes with. You could still get that beautiful appearance without the maintenance or the risks, by going with engineered wood instead. Or we could suggest another product.  Check out all of our options in siding for Minnesota homes.  We have both vinyl and fiber cement siding products that have a wood grain look.

Contact us today and we can get started on installing the siding that is going to transform the look and feel of your home.  A great place to start is scheduling a a free in-home consultation, or a personal appointment at our Savage showroom.

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