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Archive for April, 2016

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Understanding Energy Efficient Windows and What Comes with Them

Have you noticed a spike in your utility bills?   Not only is this the new norm, but the costs for heating and cooling will continue to rise as time moves forward. You know you need to save some cash in the process, but did you know that new MN ...

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5 Pointers for Choosing the Best Replacement Windows

Windows are a central feature on most homes, yet their importance is often forgotten.  Most of us tend to think of windows simply as a piece of glass through which we view the outdoors. However, the installation of proper windows can significantly improve the value and aesthetics of your home.  ...

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Selecting the Right Material for Your Next Exterior Door

If you’re looking to do a little renovating on your home this spring, a new entry door may be the perfect place for you to start.  The entry door on your home is more than just a way to get inside. It plays a big part in the impression your ...

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Enjoy Amazing Views with Glasswall Porch Enclosures

If you're one of many who loves Minnesota's beautiful outdoors but not the frigid temperatures that come along with it, then a Mon-Ray glasswall porch enclosure may be a perfect addition to your home. Hundreds of homeowners across the U.S. have had this unique window configuration installed on their homes, allowing them to enjoy ...

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