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Archive for January, 2013

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Replacing Your Windows? Here’s What to Ask Your Contractor

Replacing your windows is a big decision. It’s vital to choose the correct window for your home and your needs, but you also need to be sure that the contractor you hire is a good one.  Your new windows will only be as good as the installation workmanship.  Improperly installed ...

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Drafty Rooms Make You Think You’ve Got An Air Leak? Here’s How to Find It

A great view of the outside through your windows is an important part of the room. Picture windows are beautiful, but if they, like  any window, develop drafts, your energy bill's in for a spike. When you do feel cool spots in your home, try these methods to detect them ...

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Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

Home maintenance in the winter usually takes a back seat to keeping up with snow removal.  Anyone who lives in an area that gets as much snow as we do in the Twin Cities knows how beautiful it is as it falls but how painful it can be to shovel. Before you go out ...

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Older Home? How to Know When to Replace Your Windows

If you have an old house, you're probably already familiar with making repairs, and the need to save money. Although replacing your windows may seem expensive up front, it saves energy dollars in the long run. And currently there are federal tax credits available for energy-efficient upgrades which can offset ...

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Front Doors – Go from Boring to Welcome to Our Home!

Let's face it, for most of us our front doors don't get a lot of attention.  Chances are most of us don't even use them ourselves - we come in through the garage or the back entry, and the front entry is just for guests.  When was the last time you ...

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Types of Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows add character and can alter the feel of a home. Arched windows have a distinctly different feel to them than picture windows, for example. As charming as they can be, for most homeowners replacement windows are a large investment.  Inexpensive windows are available, but they don't last as long ...

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