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Archive for June, 2013

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Fiberglass or Wood: Which is Better for Windows? Part 2

If you’re still debating on whether to go for fiberglass windows or wood after reading our earlier post, these two final points may help you come down to a final decision. Maintenance Wood windows need a fair amount of maintenance in order to keep them in great shape for as ...

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Fiberglass or Wood: Which is Better For Windows? Part 1

Shopping for new windows is often a process of elimination, and when you’ve got your choices narrowed down to fiberglass or wood, it can be difficult choosing which is better for you. We’ve put together some basic, but important, properties of each and contrasted them in this two-part entry for ...

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New Awning Windows: What They Have to Offer

When shopping for new windows with which to give your Minnesota home a facelift, one of the most unique and easy to use styles out there is the awning window.  These windows extend out from the exterior wall instead of sliding up and down, because they open with the aid ...

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To Replace or Repair Your Windows: That is the Question

Do your windows need some attention?  A lot of Minnesota homeowners put off replacing their windows, due to expense and hassle. Many repairs, like fixing handles, locks, latches and perhaps sashes are easy enough to do on your own, but when do you know when the time for repair is ...

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How to Make Window Boxes

Don't the new windows on this home look dressed up?  One of the easiest ways to increase your curb appeal quickly or just add some color to your Minneapolis home is to install window boxes. We’re sure you’ll have a great time sprucing up your new windows or celebrating spring ...

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Top Four Reasons to Get New Vinyl Replacement Windows

The best way to make sure your home stays cool in the upcoming Minnesota summer heat is to make sure your windows are in the best working order possible. If you’re in the market for new windows, we think you might find these advantages of getting vinyl windows helpful. 1. ...

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