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Archive for June, 2016

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The Things Sliding Glass Doors Do Best

Did you know you have a number of options for patio doors?  You can go with double French doors, a patio door that looks like two French doors with only one that opens, bifold doors, or sliding patio doors. In this post we'd like to talk about the benefits of ...

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General Contractors Share Some of the Biggest Home Remodeling Mistakes

Home remodeling is something that needs to be done from time to time on every one, and despite the best intentions, mistakes do happen. General contractors like us have seen just about everything.  Some things are very minor and easily fixed, but others are major mistakes, which can be costly ...

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What Minneapolis Homeowners Should Look for When Replacing Siding

If it's time for new siding on your home, you have a lot of options and choices to make.  How the home looks and how the exterior functions to protect it are the two main purposes for putting siding on the outside of your home. When you choose the ideal ...

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Why Are Double Hung Windows Still a Great Choice?

Window styles have really expanded in the past couple of decades.  It used to be there were just a couple, with the occasional artsy-type window that might show up.  Over the years we've noticed many of our customers converting their windows from the old standard double-hungs to other more modern ...

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Should You Replace or Repair the Gutters on Your Home?

When was the last time you took a good look at the condition of your gutters? For most homeowners, gutters are usually paid no attention until the spring months when excessive rain that can come pouring in. When the gutters are dripping water from the sides, then something is wrong ...

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