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Identify and Fix Leaks Around Your Exterior Door

If your feet get cold when you pass your front door, you may be losing money as well as heat through that entry door. To fix the problem, you’ll need to take two steps: pinpoint the leak and mend it accordingly. 

Identify Problems
Since there are more than one possible problem with your front door, you can try more than one of the below investigative techniques. 

Candle Test:  An easy way to find a leak is to move a lit candle along the cracks around your door. If the flame flickers, you’ve found a draft.

Light:  Another way to pinpoint a problem area is to wait for a sunny day, turn the lights out in the room and look at your door. If you see light shining through any of the edges, that means air is also coming in those cracks.

Touch:  To test your door’s insulation, touch it with your hand on a cold Minnesota winter day or hot summer day. If you can feel the exterior temperature on the door’s surface, you’re faced with a poorly insulated door.

Sweep:  Test the integrity of the door’s sweep, or sill, by trying to slip a piece of paper through the bottom crack. If it goes through, you may need to repair or replace the sweep.

Humidity:  Experiment with closing your door on humid and dry days. If it fits easily when the humidity level is high, it may be leaking when the air is dry.

Fix the Problems
Now that you’ve found the problem, it’s time to correct it.

Weather-Stripping:  Installing new weather stripping will reinforce damaged seals.

Hinges:  Adjusting the hinges may help your door close properly, and cut down on drafts. To do this, tighten screws or replace the hardware with new steel or brass hinges.

Level:  Sometimes, the sill is uneven. When you level it, you correct leaks coming in under the door.

If none of these corrections work, it’s time to install a new door. If you go for an energy-efficient model, remember to save the receipt for any tax credits you may be eligible for.  Window Outfitters offers entry doors which are energy-efficient.  Talk to your tax professional to find out requirements.  


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