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Why Does Your Home Need Siding?

There are many things that go into creating a structure like a house, and chances are you probably don’t know what many of them are. And you also most likely don’t give much thought to a lot of the elements your house is made up of, unless you need to replace something or do some maintenance. We focus on exterior remodeling, so in this post we’re going to discuss one of the most important building materials that protects your house – your siding.  Along with your roof, your siding provides most of the protection for both the exterior and interior of your home as well as those inside.

It may seem like a no-brainer question to ask why a home needs siding, but let’s examine it a little deeper.

What Exactly Is Siding?

Siding consists of materials placed on the outside of a house.  It is made from a wide variety of materials, but generally vinyl and fiber-cement are the most common choices now.  Some older homes still have wood siding, but due to its upkeep requirements, more and more homeowners here in the Twin Cities are switching to more durable materials that require little to no maintenance.  There are some other exterior protective materials such as brick and stucco, but siding is more popular.  In addition to protecting the home from outside elements, siding is also what gives a home a particular look.

What Are the Functions of Siding?

Siding is your home’s final protective layer between the house and the outside climate and environment.  It has a number of functions:

  • shields the underlying structure from moisture like rain, snow, and hail and keeps it from penetrating into your home and causing damage
  • keeps the wind out
  • covers the insulation and keeps the inside of the home comfortable
  • provides a barrier against insects and rodents
  • gives the home its major design

The importance of  the last function can’t be overlooked.  Real estate professionals will tell you that investing in the look of the exterior of your home – what they call ‘curb appeal’ is vital. It could mean the difference between a fast sale at a great price or your home sitting on the market and perhaps selling at a loss.  But it’s also what contributes to how you feel about your home.  When you look at the house, you want the home to have the best look, and siding is what does this more than any other exterior feature.

Why Should I Have Siding?

Without siding on the home, the outside elements would seep into the materials that were used to build the home in the first place. This not only causes the home’s wood and materials to rot and break down, but the home’s integrity would no longer be good. Quality siding is a critical protective outer layer.  Siding also is what ties the other features of your home’s exterior all together to provide a unified, coordinated design.

Depending on the type of material you choose, siding comes with many benefits.  And some are more durable and long-lasting than others, so it pays to do your homework before deciding on what to have installed on your home.  When it comes to placing a beautiful siding choice on your home, speak with us here. We are a preferred James Hardie siding installation contractor for the Minneapolis area, and we also install other quality siding materials. 



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